Monday, July 9, 2012

Spotlight on Science Fiction with a lot of laughs

SPHDZ Book #1!(Spaceheadz) by Jon Scieszka

SPHDZ Book #2! (Spaceheadz) by Jon Scieszka

SPHDZ Book #3! (Spaceheadz) by Jon Scieszka

     Since we are considering Aliens on Vacation as science fiction, loosely speaking, not to mention Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!, let us add another series to the genre.  This one is written by Jon Scieszka.  He was the author of the Time Warp Trio series from the 1990’s through 2006.  His new series called Spaceheadz is going to fit into our list of science fiction titles under the auspice of aliens who are three of the main characters.  Don’t try to put this book into the fantasy category by losing sight of the fact that they had to use and apply some of the principles of “science” to get to earth!  So what if one of the aliens is a hamster.  Just humor me on this point.

    I challenge you to read the first chapter of Book #1 without laughing.  I can’t even think about the book without a smile.  How would you like to be Michael K. and, as the new kid in class, have the teacher think you are friends with a girl who eats your pencil, not to mention the equally strange guy at your table?  Michael's new friends talk like they learned to speak by listening to commercials around the clock.  Plus, they are recruiting students to be SPHDZ. Check out Spaceheadz Book #1, and get on the list for Book #2 and #3.  Settle in for a few belly laughs, and don’t be surprised if you find that you are a SPHDZ.

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