Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Another wonderful and well written novel by Christopher Paul Curtis. Curtis' novels are excellent for Historical and Realistic fiction lovers. In this novel, The Mighty Miss Malone, Deza Malone is the comical 12 year old main character. She is full of life. It is here great spirit that carries her family and friends- and even herself through the hard times in Gary, Indiana.

Like so many of Curtis' other novels, The Mighty Miss Malone is set during the depression. The reader is able to feel the harshness of the times, but can also feel the tight bonds of a loving family.

Deza begins to find her way when her father leaves to find work in Flint, Michigan and the family is put out of their home. Through it all she learns to stand tall and proud.

This is am excellent novel to read aloud.

picture retrieved from FISD-HIP

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