Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Make Room for a New Series: The Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventure

The Sixty-Eight Rooms by Marianne Malone

 Miniature Room from the Chicago Art Institute 

     Ruthie and Jack are normal 6th graders when the book opens.  Their lives begin to change when Jack finds a key behind an exhibit in the Chicago Art Institute.  The exhibit is not just any exhibit, and the key unlocks a new world for the two friends.  The key is found behind the door to the miniature Thorne Rooms, which are, by the way, actual miniature rooms from different periods of history in the Art Institute.  Their lives become very interesting, and daring, when they find what power the key has. 

     By the time you finish book one, you will be glad that the second book in the series is out and ready to read.   You may be like some readers and look online at the actual rooms to better imagine what happens in the book. The second book is called Stealing Magic, and from the beginning is as good or better than Sixty-Eight Rooms.  The two friends make new friends and solve more than one mystery in the series.  If you are like most fans of these books, you will be waiting at the bookstore or your library for Book #3, The Pirate’s Coin, due out in May.

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