Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Featuring Erin Hunter Series


      Erin Hunter is the author of three series.  She writes Warriors, the Seekers, and the Survivors series.  Warriors has been wildly popular, beginning with Into the Wild, where a kitty pet turns into a full clan member of cats.  There is a lot of intrigue as members of clans strive to take control of territories, sometimes turning on their own clan members in the process. 
     The Empty City is the first in the Survivors series.  There is a world of difference between the series, because Survivors stars dogs.  In the first book most of the dogs are former pets.  This book makes you smile at times, because you feel like you are reading about your own dog.  There are a few vicious packs, but for most of the book you are reading about how the main character, Lucky, survives in a world that has been destroyed by war or earthquakes.  You won’t be disappointed in the book, even if you like more action, for Lucky and his friends are so likeable you want to find out what happens to them. 
      Here are some links for Erin Hunter, who is actually four (4)  authors writing under one name. There are games and other activites under this website:

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