Saturday, July 28, 2012



• Presents the facts about an individual's
life and makes an attempt to interpret
those facts, explaining the person's
feelings and motivations.
• Often starts with birth or early life and
often covers birth-to-death.
• Often explores early influences on a
subject's later life.
• Situates person’s life in historical terms
and a cultural context.
• Uses direct quotes from person and
those who knew her.
• Sometimes uses fictionalized scenes/dialogues
but always based on what is
known about the person and the events
• Often uses pictures, maps, photographs,
or other historically available
• Biographer possesses a point of view, a
larger agenda, and a purpose in reporting
on the person’s life.
-Scholastic Professional Books

 Here are some GREAT biographies that you can find in your school library!


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