Monday, June 4, 2012

Favorite Author: Mary Downing Hahn

Summer is a time for hanging out with friends, having sleepovers, AND reading books by great authors.  If you are in the mood for a spine-chilling ghost story or a spooky mystery, then Mary Downing Hahn is the author for you. 

"Hahn is a master at stretching the suspense. . . . just the right mix of chilling and thrilling."—ALA Booklist

Two of her books are actually previous Bluebonnet Award winners:

Time for Andrew
Wait Till Helen Comes

Although I have really enjoyed each of her books, I must say that my all time  favorite is Deep and Dark and Dangerous.  

Here's a quick introduction to the book:
13 year old Ali finds an odd photograph in the attic just before summer begins. She knows that the two children in it are her mom, Claire, and her aunt, Dulcie. But she doesn't know who the third person is - the one who has been torn out of the picture.  Ali decides to try to find out about the mysterious picture while she's vacationing at her grandparents' summer home in Maine with her aunt, Dulcie, and her four year old cousin, Emma. Unfortunately, Ali's hopes for a nice, relaxing summer are quickly dashed when the girls meet Sissy, a mean and spiteful little girl who is a bad influence for Emma. Sissy keeps talking about a girl named Teresa who drowned mysteriously back when Claire and Dulcie were kids, and whose body was never found. At first Ali thinks that Sissy is just trying to scare her with a ghost story, but soon she discovers the real reason why Sissy is so angry. . . .

Visit her website for more information:

Mary Downing Hahn's Website 


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